Community Leadership Council

The Community Leadership Council consists of thoughtful community leaders who serve in an advisory capacity to the Center’s board of directors and staff. Members contribute expertise and strategy to the current and future work of the Center and act as a sounding board for community feedback.

For more information or to join the Community Leadership Council, ✉ E-mail David Heitstuman.

Luis Barrera Mario Gurrero Alice Kessler Sandré Nelson Jerry Sloan
Tré Borden Jennifer Hatton William Kim James Ozanich Rob Stewart
Christopher Cabaldon Rosanna Herber Robb Layne Jovi Radtke James Tierney
Shaun-Adrian Choflá Wendy Rae Hill Gail Mancarti Alan Robin Jolanne Tierney
Kaye Crawford Adam Todd Howard Dennis Mangers Tina Reynolds Pamela Whitley
Mary Helen Doherty Ben Hudson Jo Michael Jake Rowe Ricky Winardi
Cole Forstedt Rich Jones Joyce Mitchell Cathy Schwamberger Robby Woodward