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Randi was outed in high school by her best friend in the late 1990s. This was such a traumatic experience for her; it sent her into an emotional breakdown, resulting in her being admitted into a mental institution for about three weeks. When she attempted to go back to [...]

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The Center’s Coming Out Group focuses on the many emotions and experiences associated with coming out as LGBTQ. There is no single right way to come out or if to come out at all. When Marc attended the Coming Out Group almost 20 years ago, it gave him a sense [...]

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Miller grew up in a rigid and oppressive household in the greater Sacramento area and found himself feeling very alone and misunderstood at a young age. He first came out in 7th grade and continued doing year after year because his family consistently rejected his identity and feelings. Miller’s [...]

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In early 2015, Eli realized he was living in a constant state of numbness; he was never sad nor truly happy either. He had no interest in food, preferred isolation, and wished he could stay in bed all day. Eli did some soul-searching. He decided he should try embracing [...]

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As a gay man who lived through the 80s and 90s in the Bay Area, Lou has experienced a great deal of struggle, difficulty, and loss. Not only because he has lost so much of his community all at once, but also because he has been personally involved in [...]

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