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A Marketing Investment

Originally established as a special assistance program, the Sacramento LGBT Community Center has provided health and wellness support to the most marginalized, advocated for equality and justice, and worked to build a culturally rich LGBTQ community for more than 30 years.  We are proud of this legacy and acknowledge that our success would not be possible without the generous support of people like you.

The opportunities detailed here help the Center fund critical programs and projects that fulfill its mission to create a region where LGBTQ people thrive. When you partner with the Center, you are partnering with the largest and oldest LGBTQ nonprofit in the region. The Center receives more than 30,000 service visits annually and over 15,000 people attend our events, offering you a built-in audience for targeted brand visibility.

The Center’s signature events Mama’s Makin’ Bacon Drag Brunch, Q-Prom, and Sacramento Pride are the largest, most recognized, and mission centered events in the LGBTQ community and very popular amongst our allies.

We sincerely hope you will consider becoming an annual partner with the Sacramento LGBT Community Center and renew or become a new sponsor of one or more of our signature events this year.

2018 Corporate Annual Partnerships

BaconToastersBacon, mimosas and drag performances provide an eclectic recipe for a memorable, unique brunch experience!

Mama’s Makin’ Bacon unites nearly 300 Center supporters and provides a heaping helping of tales at the water cooler and colorful Facebook posts for weeks after the event.

Learn more about Mama’s Making Bacon Drag Brunch
 E-mail Lanz Nalagan | ☏ (916) 442-0185, ext. 104.

Q-PromEditQ-Prom provides an authentic prom experience for LGBTQ and allied youth and generates memories that will last a lifetime for youth enduring bullying, harassment, and ridicule daily at school.

750+ attendees enjoy a night of gowns, tuxes, boas, music, snacks, and a show-stopping runway where youth could strut and be a star.

Learn more about Q-Prom
 E-mail Lanz Nalagan | ☏ (916) 442-0185, ext. 104.

Thirty years ago, bold visionaries first created a haven where LGBTQ people could build community, find affirmation, and lead self-sufficient, healthy, well-adjusted lives. Although the landscape for LGBTQ people has altered significantly, the Center’s role as a community cornerstone has not wavered, thanks to dedicated, tireless champions whose bold leadership and behind-the-scenes activism has transformed our community.

Now, 30 years later, the Center is a thriving force of dedicated, passionate staff and volunteers that receives almost 250 youth visits each week, distribution of thousands of sexual health and education materials each year, community groups that support seniors, people who are coming out and those living with HIV/AIDS, respite for those experiencing mental health crisis, and LGBTQ-affirming referrals.

The Pride Awards annually recognizes individuals and organizations whose compassion, innovation, generosity, and community service create a safer, welcoming, collaborative, just community. Award recipients demonstrate their pride through both their work and in the way they live their lives every day, continuing the legacy of the Lambda Community Center opened in 1986 by Jerry Sloan and the late Timothy Warford, with the help and guarantees of Terry Sidie, Marghe Covino, Court of the Great Northwest Imperial Empire (CGNIE) Emperor Randy Hartman, and others to serve the broader cross-section of the LGBT community.

Learn more about Sacramento Pride Awards
 E-mail Lanz Nalagan | ☏ (916) 442-0185, ext. 104.

The Center’s largest community engagement event, Sacramento Pride blankets Capitol Mall with nearly 15,000 attendees, hundreds of vendors, a parade, and a three stages offering chart-topping entertainment.

Pride presents a prime opportunity to showcase your LGBT-affirming message and demonstrate your commitment and interest to equality, diversity, and community in a cost-effective, impactful manner. Research proves LGBT people are brand loyal and highly motivated to buy and support organizations that support them.

Some other Pride facts:

  • Pride is the #1 attended LGBT event in Northern California
  • Pride was the first event of its kind hosted on the grounds of Capitol Mall
  • Pride is the most sponsor-supported event of its kind in the region

Learn more about Sacramento Pride
 E-mail Lanz Nalagan | ☏ (916) 442-0185, ext. 104.

A Program Investment

This customized approach for marketing opportunities extends to Center programs.

Corporate partners provide financial, technical and in-kind support to grow, expand and deepen the impact of Center programs. Sponsorship options include donating office supplies, snacks for drop-in programs, computers, trainings, workshops, toiletries, shower supplies, laundry detergent and building maintenance.

✉ E-mail Lanz Nalagan | ☏ (916) 442-0185, ext. 104.

I think you’re doing a wonderful job of representing the LGBT community, and I’m delighted to have the Center as one of our community partners.
Hans Greenawalt, IKEA