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Thinking local, going global

You'll hear lots of reasons to give as we approach Giving Tuesday. Give because you care. Give because it could have been you. Give to make the world a better place... How about giving the gift of knowledge and lifelong learning? Our Outreach and Training Institute is emerging as [...]

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Good things come in threes

Felix, Ash, and Bryn were unsheltered for over three months here in Sacramento... 2,328 miles away from where they were originally from. These best friends fled Tennessee to pursue a new chapter in California - and what better place than its capital? They believed this recent change would bring [...]

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Celebrating LGBTQ History Month – 5 – Bayard Rustin

The 1963 March on Washington was a collaborative effort between several landmark organizers from just as many major civil rights groups. While the original idea came from A. Philip Randolph, and the March’s keynote speaker is famously Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the strongest coordinating force behind the march [...]

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LGBTQ History Month – 4 – Harvey Milk

Politician, business owner, activist, and gay man: Harvey Milk did it all. Today, San Francisco is known as one of America’s most predominantly Proud cities. NYC may have Stonewall, but we have Castro Street. And Harvey Milk opened a camera shop on Castro in 1972 after moving from the [...]

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Celebrating LGBTQ History Month – 3 – Marsha P. Johnson

If you have had any exposure to Pride before, chances are you have heard the name Marsha P. Johnson before. But who was she? Why is her name everywhere? What does the P. stand for? Born right on the border between New Jersey and New York, Johnson found herself [...]

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Celebrating LGBTQ History Month – 2 – Simon Nkoli

SIMON NKOLI South Africa was the first country in the world to add specific LGBT+ protections to its Constitution, in part thanks to Simon Nkoli. Born in 1957, Simon’s childhood and adolescence were spent in a South Africa still ruled by apartheid. The strict laws designated who could go [...]

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LGBTQ+ History Month – 1 – Alan Turing

ALAN TURING The father of computers and artificial intelligence itself was gay, and thus subject to unjust laws that had a profound effect on his personal and professional life. Homosexuality remained a crime in England until 1967, which was too late for Alan Turing. He created brilliant works in [...]

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State Legislative win Summary

As Director of Advocacy and Training I have the privilege of overseeing the legislation the Sacramento LGBT Community Center endorses and supports through the legislative process. Every year we track upwards of 80 bills and provide testimony and letters of support for those bills that [...]

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Celebration Day July 2022

Every month on the fourth Friday, the Center's housing staff organizes Celebration day for all our residents. It's a time for staff and housing residents to come together and celebrate any accomplishments. This month's celebration saw housing staff Barbequing hot dogs, hamburgers, and vegan burgers, accompanied by fun summer-appropriate [...]

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