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I would have spent it alone.

Over the weekend we saw yet another senseless act of violence towards our community... and on a day when [...]

Midterm Elections 2022

As Director of Advocacy and Training, I have the privilege of overseeing Governmental Affairs for the [...]

Places to thrive…

It’s not lost on us that the LGBTQ+ community experiences disproportionate difficulty with career admittance, retention, benefits, and challenging [...]

Thinking local, going global

You'll hear lots of reasons to give as we approach Giving Tuesday. Give because you care. Give because it [...]

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"Felix, Ash, and Bryn were unsheltered for over three months here in Sacramento... 2,328 miles away from where they were originally from. These best friends fled Tennessee to pursue a new chapter in California - and what better place than its capital? They believed this recent change would bring more opportunities and an affirming place they could call home... "

Learn more about their story here and starting now through the end of the year,  can we count on you to help us raise $150,000 to close our funding gap?

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