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PrEP: The 411

There’s a lot of talk about PrEP these days and a diversity of opinions on the topic.

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, a term meaning to prevent or control the spread of infection or disease.

PrEP is an HIV prevention option that involves taking one pill a day to help you from getting HIV if exposed to the virus. In some studies, PrEP reduced HIV infection rates by 92 percent, but it must be taken daily and is even more effective when combined with condoms and other prevention tools.

Here are some basic FAQ and other information to help you determine if PrEP might be right for you.

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PrEP Guidelines and FAQs

  • What are some of the common side effects?
    • 1 in 10 users have nausea
    • 1 in 100 users experience bone mineral density
    • 1 in 200 users experience kidney problems

Informational Videos about PrEP

Curious about how PrEP works in your body to prevent HIV infection in case of exposure?
Wondering about the side effects? This video, provided by Youreka Science, has answers to many of your questions.

Why should you take Truvda as PrEP? Is it for everyone?
Dr. Lindsey Doe discusses Truvada as PrEP, the reasons why people should take it and, conversely, why it’s not for everyone! What are some of the reasons this is stigmatized? Learn more by watching below.

Always use a condom?
I don’t really have sex very often, and I always make sure a condom is used when I do, should I still take Truvada as PrEP?


Each insurance plan will be different. If you have private insurance, consult with your physician on price options.

With Covered California: Between $15–$700 per month depending on which level you choose with co pays and deductibles.

Bronze Plan:
$50/brand copay after $5,000 deductible for both medical and drugs where you pay 40% of health expenses. WARNING: Unaffordable; do not enroll in this tier if you plan on starting PrEP.

Silver Plan:
$50/brand copay after $250 brand drug deductible where you pay 30 percent of health expenses.

Gold Plan:
$50/brand copay, no deductible.

Platinum Plan:
$50/brand copay after $250 brand drug deductible where you pay 30% of health expenses.

PrEP Cost Analysis for Covered California Health Plans

*Cost information from

Payment Assistance

For California Residents:

California PrEP Assistance Program (PrEP-AP)

In order to qualify, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be a resident of California;
  • Have an annual adjusted household income that does not exceed 500% of the 2019 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) (12–17yo have no income requirements)
  • Not be fully covered by Medi-Cal or other health insurance
  • Be on another person’s insurance policy and worry about your confidentiality (apply as if you’re an uninsured client, with no income requirements)
  • Be enrolled in the manufacturer’s assistance program (if eligible)
  • PrEP-AP is not used as a determination for public charge because it’s funded only with state funds.

For more information you can also visit:

In the U.S.:

Federal Ready, Set, PrEP program: 855-447-8410

  • Covers cost of Truvada or Descovy
  • No income limits
  • Must be uninsured, no age restrictions
  • Resident of the U.S. or its territories; Social Security Number (SSN) not required
  • Ready, Set, PrEP is not used as a determination for public charge

Gilead Patient Support Program: 800-226-2056

  • Covers cost of Truvada or Descovy
  • Income at or below 500% FPL but above 138% FPL (Medicaid eligible)
  • Resident of the U.S. or its territories; SSN not required; undocumented residents eligible
  • Must be uninsured or insurance denies coverage, or have Medicare with no Part D benefits
  • This program is not used as a determination for public charge

Gilead Copay Coupon Program: 800-226-2056

  • Provides up to $7,200 per year for prescription copays
  • Any income level is eligible, no lifetime limit
  • Resident of the U.S. or its territories; SSN not required
  • Must be commercially insured, or have Medicare with no Part D benefits
  • This program is not used as a determination for public charge

Patient Advocate Foundation: 800-532-5274

  • Provides up to $7,500 per year for prescription copays
  • Income at or below 400% FPL plus cost of living index
  • U.S. resident; SSN or alien registration number required
  • Must have health insurance (includes Medicare)

This program is not used as a determination for public charge

Gilead’s Medication Assistance Program (MAP)
If you do not have health insurance, then apply for this program to see if you are financially eligible to get Truvada for PrEP for free. You must not have health insurance and income verification is required. Your provider needs to submit an application form. If approved, your medication will be dispensed to your provider directly. For more info, call 1-855-330-5479 or visit

Gilead’s Co-Payment Assistance Program (CAP)
If you have health insurance, save up to $200 per month on your Truvada copayments. There is no financial income restriction for eligibility. Your provider or pharmacy can submit the application form. Once approved, you will be given a card and medication will be dispensed to your preferred pharmacy. For more info, call 1-877-505-6986 or visit

Both Gilead’s MAP and CAP use same application form.

Down the application here.

If you are have Medicaid, Medicare or coverage for prescription drugs under any other public program or other third party payer, you are not eligible for Gilead’s MAP and CAP.

Before Your Appointment

Being your own health advocate is important and empowering. If you are finding it difficult to talk to your doctor about Truvada as PrEP, here are some tips!

Educate yourself.

Walk into your appointment educated about the treatment. Have some general knowledge, know what tests you’ll need, and explain to them why you feel it’s important for you to undergo treatment.

Bring literature.

Bring literature with you. [Print the downloadable documents] available in English and Spanish on the PrEP Info page to use as a guide for your discussion with your doctor.

Prep information available in the following languages:





Ask for a specialist.

If your primary doctor is unsure about prescribing Truvada, ask to have an HIV/AIDS specialist collaborate on your treatment. These specialists have used Truvada for a long time and can provide helpful insight.

Listen to your physician.

Listen to your doctor’s advice. This treatment is not meant for everybody, if your doctor has significant reasons not to prescribe Truvada as PrEP, listen to their advice.

  • PrEP is a medication which means it may have side effects, and cannot be taken with some medications (interaction profile), and may have adverse effects. Ask your healthcare provider about side effects and how you should respond to any side effects.

Sacramento PrEP Providers

One Community Health
Phone: (916) 443-3299
Address: 1500 21st St., Sacramento, CA 95811

Native American Health Center
Phone: (916) 341-0575
Address: 2020 J St., Sacramento, CA 95811

Sacramento County Sexual Health Clinic
Phone: (916) 737-5555
Address: 1820 J St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Wellhealth Space Sacramento 
Phone: (916) 875-1551
Address: 4600 Broadway Suite 1300, Sacramento, CA 95811

Kaiser Permanente
Multiple locations (with specific providers)