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Center volunteers have the opportunity to give back and work toward solving the challenges and disparities faced by LGBT people with meaningful volunteer opportunities through Center programs and events.

Volunteers of all skill levels and expertise are needed.

We seek leaders who want to invest time and expertise in their Center to ensure a Sacramento region where sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression are recognized as a spectrum of valued personal characteristics.

Our success relies on the good work of our volunteers. Whether its professional services, planning an event, facilitating a peer group, helping around the office or joining our Board of Directors, we need you. Whether its a few hours, a few days or a long-term commitment, there’s a place for you at the Center!

The following volunteer opportunities are available.spacer

Volunteer Types

This position offers a wide range for volunteers. Community resource volunteers provide free referrals to LGBTQ-affirming, community-based programs. These volunteers are the friendly face welcoming community members to the Center and responding to requests to information on housing, mental health, food, faith support, counseling, social/support groups and much more.

Volunteers also assist community members on-site with locating referrals via our computer lab. Shifts are scheduled in three-hour blocks, some weekly and others are monthly. Community members with case management, mental health and/or social service related experience are encouraged to apply. Why community resources? This role is ideal for those wanting to help, like making connections and enjoy research.

All community resource volunteers must complete an application, pass a LiveScan background check and complete a one-day volunteer training program.

Direct service volunteers take on the role of group facilitator, resource specialist, mentor, health outreach specialist, expert presenter, educator or other roles that have direct contact with ongoing program participants. The time commitment is two to six hours per week with a one-year commitment. All program volunteers must complete an application, pass a LiveScan background check and complete a one-day volunteer training program.

All direct service volunteers must complete an application, pass a LiveScan background check and complete a one-day volunteer training program.

Why be a direct service volunteer? Do you want to meet people face-to-face where they are? Direct service volunteers work daily with individuals and groups to facilitate positive change in peoples lives. This could be facilitating a group of people navigating how to come out, or connecting a homeless youth with a local LGBTQ-affirming shelter.

Event leadership volunteers coordinate events on a planning committee. The minimum time commitment is generally six to nine months prior an event. Hours vary, depending on level and position on the committee.

Why be an event leader?: Have a favorite event at the Center? Want to make it better? We need people for all our event planning committees. These people make the events what they are.

The following events have committees:

  • Mama’s Making Bacon Drag Brunch
  • Sacramento Pride Festival & Parade
  • Sacramento Pride Awards
  • Red Dress Party

Pride15Event volunteers provide an extra set of hands, hearts and minds to assist with a  one-time event or annual projects at the Center. 

Why be an event volunteer? Want to go to Center events for free? Event volunteers earn free access to the event! If you like excitement and entertainment, this is the position for you.

Training for event positions typically happens the day of a shift.

Front desk volunteers staff our front desk, serving as the first person many Center visitors experience. We ask for a three-month commitment. All front desk volunteers must complete at least a one-hour training module on front desk procedures in addition to the standard volunteer training and LiveScan background check.

Why be front desk volunteer? This is the front lines of the Center. These individuals are responsible for making every person who enters feel safe, welcome and needed. This is a perfect position for those who are not sure what they want to do, as it puts you alongside other volunteers, staff and community members in a way to learn more about the Center.

Past projects have included answering or making phone calls, assembling mailings, data entry, graphic or web design, writing and/or editing.

Why special projects? This is a ideal opportunity for those that want to help out, but don’t want a lot of interaction with others or variable schedules. It can also be for those that want to volunteer at home!

We have a high need for data entry volunteers with a high attention to detail. Trainings for special projects are customized and are project specific.

Youth program volunteers work with staff to support the youth groups and the Q-Spot Youth Drop-In Center, a youth-centered, youth-focused space for youth to hang out, have fun, study and learn new skills.

Roles can include:

  • Facilitating youth groups
  • Developing activities
  • Tutoring
  • Goal-setting
  • Preparing intake
  • Outreaching to GSAs, student groups and youth programs
  • Fundraising
  • Providing relevant resources and linkages to youth

Why youth programs? Youth program volunteers impact lives every day. As LGBTQ youth are one of the most at-risk populations, this role is an important one and, as we must protect our youth, comes with one of our most scrutinized application processes.  All youth program volunteers must complete multiple youth-specific trainings and shadow a staff member in addition to the the standard volunteer training and LiveScan background check.

E-mail our Volunteer Resources Coordinator