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Creating a region where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people thrive means being an advocate for equity and social justice within and external to the LGBTQ+ community. The identities of LGBTQ+ people are intersectional and breaking down systems of oppression that harm the most marginalized amongst us, benefits all of us. We work to increase visibility, understanding, and access to services for LGBTQ+ people throughout Sacramento region through outreach, education and training.

It is critical to the Center’s vision to create inclusive workplaces, public accommodations, schools, and social service/health facilities where LGBTQ+ people are universally respected and affirmed. For service providers and community-based organizations, the Center also offers Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) due to the prevalence of suicide in LGBTQ+ youth.

For an optimum experience, certain trainings are actually collaborations with community partners to ensure content is developed and presented by the best knowledge base possible.

Interested in scheduling a training? Complete our Outreach and Training Institute inquiry form here. 

Spreading the Word: Our outreach team will come to resource fairs, conferences events, and group meetings to share the Center’s mission, community support programs, and upcoming events. We can set up a booth, present to your group, and/or provide informational materials to distribute at your school, clinic, or place of business.

Education is the Key: LGBTQ+ people have unique needs and face significant barriers navigating daily life. Our Institute Director provides expert consultation to assist you in creating more inclusive and affirming spaces to support your employees, customers, students, patients, clients, friends, family, and community members with training, equality audits, and inclusive policy development.

All of our LGBTQ+ cultural humility trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of the organization, however most of the trainings include the following information:

  • Review definitions, language and symbols
  • Current legal context for LGBTQ+ Californians
  • Discussion of usage of pronouns and language
  • Understanding privilege and minority stress
  • Discussion of best practices for diversity and inclusion

Training fees start at $500. Pricing varies according to time required, topics, audience, material reproduction, and travel. Discounts may be available for nonprofits.

We have provided LGBTQ+ cultural humility for:

  • Law Enforcement Officers and Legal Professionals
  • Educators and School Personnel
  • Faith Communities
  • Doctors, Medical Students, and Health Professionals
  • Small and Large Employers
  • Public Agencies and Nonprofit Service Providers

These programs are funded in part by The California Endowment, The CARES Foundation, fees-for services, and private community.