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Participation Guide / House Rules

All parties are invited to submit content on the Sacramento LGBT Community Center social media pages, online platforms dedicated to creating a safe space for objective and constructive discussion on issues related to LGBTQ+. As a manager of these platforms, we believe that the conflicting views, provided they are presented respectfully, always leave room for a dialogue that can generate a collective intelligence. This is what guides us towards social progress.

Here are our rules of use for a healthy and constructive discussion:

1) Respect

Users must treat others, as well as the moderation and administration of SacLGBTcenter’s page with respect. Offensive and disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. Similarly, potentially false or non-corroborated comments that can damage the reputation of another party will not be tolerated.

2) Etiquette, good citizenship and courtesy

Because we want the debate on the page to take place in a constructive spirit, we ask our users to always show good etiquette, citizenship and courtesy in their communication. Although this page is a virtual environment, it should be kept in mind that it is a public space. Virtual conversations should maintain the same level of civility expected in person.

3) Continuity/Relevance

Comments or questions posted on the site are to be clearly linked to the discussion on LGBTQ+ issues.

4) Illegal, Obscene or Defamatory Content

The publication of illegal, violent, obscene or discriminatory content will not be tolerated.

5) Misuse of capital letters

Please do not misuse capital letters in titles or posts as this greatly reduces the readability of the entire page.

6) No identical publications

The publication of multiple identical messages should be avoided because it adds unnecessary length to the page and wastes user time.

7) Respect for copyright

Users must respect the copyright for the content posted through this page.

8) Protection of Privacy

Users are not permitted to disclose personal information to others on this page.

SacLGBTcenter’s page is a virtual community. Users are encouraged not to disclose their address and phone numbers with of other users on the page. If you wish to share this information, please do so privately. Similarly, the content of private conversations, email or other private communities is also prohibited on this page. Any user not complying with the privacy of our members by researching and publishing their information on the page will be banned permanently from the page without notice.

9) Personal Information Usage

SacLGBTcenter’s page recognizes and values the importance of responsible use of information obtained on this site and all related platforms.

The purpose of this page is not to gather information on its users. We do not collect personal information that could identify you.

On the SacLGBTcenter website, personal information you provide in connection with your registration and which is collected when you log in via other platforms is classified as registration information. The registration information is protected in several ways. You can access your registration Information through your SacLGBTcenter account. Your password is encrypted. We recommend that you do not divulge your password to anyone. In addition, your registration Information is located on secure servers that only SacLGBTcenter staff can access through a password. SacLGBTcenter’s page codes your information during transmission to prevent unauthorized third parties from viewing this information. You have the right at any time to access, correct and eliminate the inaccuracies that are in your personal information and preferences. With regard to the registration information, you can do this by opening your account on the website where you can view and make changes to your personal information.

We may use non-identifiable statistics provided by users to compile consolidated trend analysis for our clients. In no case shall personal tracking of users occur.

10) Legal responsibilities

SacLGBTcenter cannot be held responsible for the information posted on the page. All information posted on the page cannot be verified and may contain incorrect information that does not comply with the rules set out above.

SacLGBTcenter retains the rights of ownership to content posted through this page. By posting content through this page, you agree to waive any copyright in that content.

11) Moderation

The administration and moderators of SacLGBTcenter’s page are responsible for applying the rules listed above. The administration holds the right to decisions in the interpretation of rules and reserves the right to make changes if necessary.

The non-compliance with above guidelines will result in removal of content or non-publication of content submitted. The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is not responsible for harm that may be due to removal or non-publication.

12) Assistance

If you need help using our page, or in case of a complaint about a decision by the administration, please contact us by Private Message or email at