Charlie was sleeping in his car.

//Charlie was sleeping in his car.

Charlie was sleeping in his car.

We’ve got a little more than 16 days remaining and we are nearly halfway through our biggest campaign ever! More so, we are excited to announce a last minute matching gift from our friends at that will double your impact up to to $25,000.00!

Thank you to everyone who pitched in thus far, including our capital campaign donors and the many others who give monthly all year long – we see you!

As the new Director of Housing Programs, your contributions help us help folks like Charlie.

Charlie first reached out to the Sacramento LGBT Center for housing resources while sleeping in his car, fleeing family domestic violence. Center staff were able to get Charlie housed through our Short-Term Transitional Emergency Placement Program (STEP) the next day. While at STEP Charlie was able to further his education as a full-time college student, obtain a paid internship, start attending therapy regularly to address his PTSD and anxiety, and gain a community of other LGBTQ+ youth that accepted and celebrated him.

After a few months at STEP, he was able to move into the Host Homes Program, where he will have five additional months of housing and case management support through the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, while he works to transfer to UC Davis next year. Because of STEP and the Center he will be able to pursue his education and live his life with a sense of safety and belonging, knowing that his community is here to help support him.

Our needs are urgent, but so is our hope. Take advantage of our last minute matching gift! We are here for anyone in need and meeting these new challenges with innovation and open hearts despite the fundraising setbacks we faced last year and are still facing. If you can, please help us achieve our goal so that we may continue helping youth like Charlie!

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