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Youth engaged in Q-Spot programs at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center are really excited to have the opportunity to attend the Creating Change Conference in Washington, DC January 24-28, 2018.  We are thrilled to be able to provide this empowering youth development experience for twice as many youth this year.  As you can imagine, conference registration and travel to the East Coast from California is expensive and we need your help to make this inspiring educational opportunity a reality.

Each year, the National LGBTQ Task Force sponsors and organizes Creating Change and 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the conference. The annual conference is the foremost political, leadership and skills-building event for the LGBTQ social justice movement. The primary goal of the Creating Change Conference is to build our movement’s political power from the ground up to secure our overarching goal of full freedom, justice, and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in the United States.   Some of the many topics covered at the Creating Change Conference include:

  • Intersectionality between race and LGBTQ identities,
  • Building up trans inclusivity within safe spaces and the overall community,
  • Religion and LGBTQ identities,
  • Violence towards the LGBTQ community,
  • and many more

These topics and discussions are crucial to creating strong LGBTQ advocates and leaders within our community. Checkout a video from Creating Change 2017! 

I’m very dedicated to helping my community and interested in learning how to do that better. I love events and meeting new people. I feel like i would learn a lot from Creating Change and I could use what I learn to advocate for my community.”

– Rory (He/Him/His), 14

To support Rory text iCreateChange8 to 717-77 or follow this link here.

“I look forward to learning how to become a leader in the LGBTQ community and bring that back to Sacramento”

– Jojo (They/Them/Theirs), 17

To support Jojo text iCreateChange4 to 717-77 or follow this link here.

“At Creating Change I want to learn how to be an advocate for the LGBTQ community and help LGBTQ people who don’t have support

– Aaron  (He/Him/His), 19

To support Aaron text iCreateChange3 to 717-77 or follow this link here.

“I want to learn and educate myself on what it means to be an LGBT leader and an active activist so that I can take my experience here and apply it to other areas of my life.”

– Mari (They/Them/Theirs), 22

To support Mari text iCreateChange5 to 717-77 or follow this link here.

“I want to learn how to be a leader for creating change for anyone in the LGBTQ community and learn of others experiences in the community to have a broader understanding of the community.”

– Taya (She/Her/Hers), 18

To support Taya text iCreateChange6 to 717-77 or follow this link here.



“I am excited to go to creating change 2018 because I want to learn more about my identity and understand myself and the community on a higher level.”

– AJ (He/Him/His), 21

To support AJ text iCreatChange9 to 717-77 or follow this link here.

Donation levels:

Lyft donor: A donation of $50 will allow our youth to safe transportation to and from the airport.

Meals donor: A donation of $100 will allow youth to eat during Creating Change.

Hotel donor:  A donation of $185 will pay for one night’s hotel stay at Creating Change.

Transportation donor: A donation of $365 will pay for the cost of airfare for one participant to Washington, DC.

Registration donor: A donation of $425 will allow one of our youth to attend Creating Change.

Conference donor: A donation of $1,600 will cover the cost for one of our youth to attend Creating Change.

Donations of all amounts are accepted and encouraged because working for one goal of shaping our next generation of leaders should be a shared vision.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our goals and consider helping our dreams become a reality. Creating the next wave of LGBTQ activists and leaders is important for the future of our community and we hope that taking these youth to Creating Change can bring these ideals to the Sacramento area.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent the law allows.

For more information you can email Jesse Archer, our Youth Programs Coordinator: