In early 2015, Eli realized he was living in a constant state of numbness; he was never sad nor truly happy either.

He had no interest in food, preferred isolation, and wished he could stay in bed all day.

Eli did some soul-searching. He decided he should try embracing his community and visit the Center. “It was then, in that one simple gesture of opening the door, and in a sense introducing myself to the LGBT world, that would make me realize not only did I find what was missing in my life, but I also found my safe haven. My home.”

He felt understood and accepted and was reminded he is not alone. He even found the strength to come out to his family.

“My father shunned me.”

While his coming out experience did not go well, this painful situation gave everyone in the Q-Spot the opportunity to support Eli and remind him of all the reasons that he is so very capable and worthy of love.

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