Meet our intern Steven!

//Meet our intern Steven!

Meet our intern Steven!

“My name is Steven Murphy and I am the LGBTQ Center’s new Development Intern. I moved to Sacramento from Echo Park, near downtown Los Angeles, last year to complete my Business degree in Nonprofit Accounting and Management at CSU Sacramento. I am one semester away from that goal and will begin pursuing a master’s program in Social Work or Public Administration next fall.

I have been a part of and supported the LGBTQ+ community in West Hollywood for as far back as I can remember, which eventually led me to feel comfortable enough within myself to accept that I am bi-sexual. I struggled with it a lot growing up, because the area of L.A. I grew up in during the 1970s was not fully supportive, yet, though it has gotten a little better. When I moved to Sacramento last January, I had visited and participated in several events the LGBTQ Center held, one of which being the friends-giving celebration. Unfortunately, I also moved here right before the pandemic and did not get the opportunity to meet many people or explore volunteer opportunities here.

I live in midtown and love it! It really feels like being home in this part of the city. I have an older foster kitty named Bon Iver, but I call him Bonnie Cat, and he’s the best snuggle buddy. I love to walk or ride my bicycle around midtown and am often at the Saturday morning farmer’s market in midtown picking up fresh bread, produce, and lunch. I love music, music events, music and arts festivals. I am also a part-time artist/jewelry designer. When I’m not sitting at my desk doing schoolwork you can often find me sitting at my desk wrapping copper wire with beads (precious or nonprecious) into bracelets, broaches, and other small bobbly things.

I would like to thank the LGBTQ Center for offering this internship and allowing me to not only be a part of the center, but also to help it grow in any way I can during my time here.”

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