Celebration Day July 2022

//Celebration Day July 2022

Celebration Day July 2022

Every month on the fourth Friday, the Center’s housing staff organizes Celebration day for all our residents. It’s a time for staff and housing residents to come together and celebrate any accomplishments. This month’s celebration saw housing staff Barbequing hot dogs, hamburgers, and vegan burgers, accompanied by fun summer-appropriate outdoor games. Some awards given on July’s Celebration Day included obtaining employment, continuous self-advocacy, prioritizing medical care, obtaining identification documents, obtaining housing, earning an internship, learning and practicing self-care, and many others.

One of the youths celebrated was Antonio.

Antonio came directly to LGBT Center’s Short-Term Transitional Emergency Placement Programs (STEP) from Juvenile Hall. A former foster youth, Antonio has spent most of his life in group homes and shelter environments. When *Antonio entered STEP, he was experiencing feelings of hopelessness and extreme social anxiety. With the support of STEP staff and collaboration from Antonio’s social worker and care team, Antonio has been able to obtain full-time employment, open a checking and savings account, has made progress towards obtaining his High School diploma, has begun engaging his peers in games and activities, and has recently acquired a placement in a long-term housing program and will be moving in the next few weeks.  

Antonio has a bright future ahead of him, and Celebration Day is one way that the staff can highlight his efforts and affirm that his successes are worth celebrating. Antonio is just one example of many such young people that STEP provides ongoing support for, and the program’s ability to meet at-risk youth where they are and provide competent, trauma-informed services.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center operates three housing programs Short-Term Transitional Emergency Placement Programs (STEP), a Transitional Living Program (TLP), and Host Homes. To learn more, visit www.saccenter.org/housing.

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