Good things come in threes

//Good things come in threes

Good things come in threes

Felix, Ash, and Bryn were unsheltered for over three months here in Sacramento… 2,328 miles away from where they were originally from. These best friends fled Tennessee to pursue a new chapter in California – and what better place than its capital? They believed this recent change would bring more opportunities and an affirming place they could call home.

Unfortunately, they spent months on the streets, living along the American river, and at various encampments. Despite our state’s much more progressive culture and legal protections, these three still faced the staggering 67% increase in homelessness that many youths in our community continue to disproportionately face due to the pandemic and changing economic conditions.

All three applied for our housing services waitlist… and all three got in.

Our youth were immediately connected to Center services and resources, including COVID-19 vaccinations, proper CA identification, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates. They also attended our enrichment workshops at our Q-Spot Youth Drop-In Center, where they got in touch with their spirituality, self-esteem, and newfound personal advocacy and goals.

Felix was the first to graduate from our program. He found community through the Center’s programs and events and even found a new roommate. They rent a two-bedroom apartment in town where Felix has found stability and the confidence to look for jobs with the possibility of returning to school.

 Ash was the second to graduate. Working with our Prevention and Intervention Coordinator and their Housing Case Manager, who mediated conversations with their family, they developed a housing plan involving a reunion with Ash’s family. They are now gainfully employed and rebuilding past relationships.
Bryn is graduating in a week. We were able to connect her to medical care and hormone replacement therapy. She began her transition and immediately felt more at home in our program and felt more like herself. Bryn is currently building her resume, attending networking events, and moving from our Short-term Transitional Emergency Placement program into our Host Homes program. Good things really do come in threes. Please consider donating to our Giving Tuesday campaign this holiday season.

Thanks to our friends at River Bend Medical Associates, you can donate starting TODAY and double your gift. RBMA is matching gifts up to $10,000!

Please help us reach our goal of $150,000 to maintain our growing work and expand its reach. It’s never too late to change a life… or three!

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