I would have spent it alone.

//I would have spent it alone.

I would have spent it alone.

Over the weekend we saw yet another senseless act of violence towards our community… and on a day when we gather to remember the many Trans community members lost due to violence – Trans Day of Remembrance. What has happened in Colorado at Club Q is a stark reminder that not only do we have limited spaces to find belonging, but those spaces are under attack. 

I can’t even fathom the pain and fear that permeates all people who already feel ostracized and now have to think twice about how they find community. I’m  devastated that this is happening, but I am even more motivated to keep these spaces going, finding the right measures to protect community, and move our mission forward to create a region where LGBTQ+ not only survive, but thrive. If you didn’t already have plans for the upcoming holiday, please consider joining us for our Chosen Family Feast.

We will always be here as your community center. We will continue to host our Chosen Family Feast event in the safest, bravest, and most community-oriented way as possible. 

I wanted to share a testimonial of an older LGBTQ+ community member to uplift our spirits. We all deserve the sense of belonging they received… and I hope you will join us and discover that yourself.

“Last year was the first time I attended the Center’s event on Thanksgiving Day. We were just coming out of many of the pandemic restrictions. I really did not have any friends/family here. My right leg below the knee was amputated in December 2020. I was kind of lost not knowing what being an amputee would be like. I searched for groups to try to become a part of for my mental health.

I found Golden Grounds and joined the group. Thanks to the pandemic, we had to meet through Zoom, but that was better than not at all. I retired from Yolo County in October 2021. I applied for and eventually was approved for Social Security Disability and VA disability.

Now, were it not for the event at the Center, I would have spent it alone. Being with others like me for Thanksgiving made me feel great. Being able to meet the Golden Grounds group in person brought us closer to each other. I found a “chosen family.” And the food was great, too.”

– Billie, Golden Grounds Member

Our work is never over. Please consider supporting the Center during this time and don’t forget that starting NOW you can double your gift up to $10,000 from our friends at River Bend Medical Associates. Donate TODAY and help us reach our goal of $150,000.
Thank you to those who have already chipped in early. You are helping us create places to belong to.
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