Randi was outed in high school by her best friend in the late 1990s. This was such a traumatic experience for her; it sent her into an emotional breakdown, resulting in her being admitted into a mental institution for about three weeks.

When she attempted to go back to school after the incident, she was told by the principal that he thought it best if she never returned. He said it would be better for the other students if she stayed away.

She moved to Sacramento a year later at 18. She quickly found the Center and Sacramento Pride and was grateful to be out of her small town and around people who could relate to her experience.

Over the years, Randi has found the Center to be a place of safety and hope. She has relied on it to get help and provide support.

First, as an attendee at Sacramento Pride where she felt welcomed and accepted for one of the first times in her life. Then, when she fell into addiction, as a participant in the recovery meetings.

Through Randi’s journey with the Center, she has become not just a resident of a city, but an important part of a community.

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