In 1987, Clint was 15 years old and lived outside of Elk Grove. He struggled with the questions and uncertainty of any teenager, but also could tell he was different from a lot of his peers.

He was able to find information about the Center and the Youth Programs. He called the Center and spoke to Tim Warford, an important leader in the Center’s history.

They became friends and communicated weekly. Clint eventually felt safe and welcome enough to go to a youth group. He felt awkward but also as if he had finally found a place where he belonged. He no longer felt alone.

Clint attended youth groups for the next three years and will never forget that time spent with other LGBT youth. He believes his experience at the Center has made a livelong impact on him, “I do attribute growing up in the Center as having made me a better, well-rounded, and a more giving individual today.”

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