Staying Safe During Winter Flood Season

//Staying Safe During Winter Flood Season

Staying Safe During Winter Flood Season

Northern California has recently been hit with severe winter January storms. As a result, many folks are looking for resources and tips to help prepare, respond, and recover to storm damage and floods. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Be aware of your risk. Know whether your home is in a flood zone and what flooding is likely.
  • Be prepared. Make a flood emergency kit or stay box. This includes a list of important phone numbers, medication, a flashlight, batteries, and a radio.
  • If your area is flooding, tune into the local county and city news to stay informed. Always evacuate if you are directed to do so. Time is essential; help may not get to you later if you stay home.
  • Do not drive through a flooded street. Six inches of water can stall or float most cars. If you can’t drive out, try to find the highest area in your home or building.
  • Make an evacuation plan. If your community is flooding, you may be unable to drive your usual routes.
  • Make a plan to communicate with neighbors, friends, and loved ones if you should leave home.
  • Check into the national flood insurance program. Specific policies won’t always cover these types of incidents.
  •  Sign up for local alerts at

For more information on resources, emergency shelters, flood maps, and more visit the links below:

Resources & Guides:

Sign Up For Alerts:

Real-Time Flood Map: 

CalHHS Emergency Resource Guide: 

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