The gift that keeps on giving.

//The gift that keeps on giving.

The gift that keeps on giving.

You’ll hear lots of reasons to give as we approach Big Day of Giving. Give because you care. Give because it could have been you. Give to make the world a better place… How about giving something that you desired most in life but never got? Well let me tell you a story about Kat.

Kat found the Center by way of our Short-Term Transitional Emergency Placement (STEP) house. Her family rejected her because she is transgender. She also battled severe clinical depression. When she was accepted into the program, Kat attained gender affirming services, like hormone treatment and therapy, and clothes that reflected her identity. 

After taking Kat in, Center staff helped her submit her gender change paperwork. It was the first time Kat felt like the person she was meant to be. 
Kat then moved on to our Transitional Living Program (TLP) house, where she remained for another year and a half receiving case management support so that she could continue to work towards her goals – now that she felt like herself and wanted more out of life.
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Inspired by the affirmation she received for the FIRST time in her life by the Center, Kat began planning a workshop that she could present and share with other youth at our Q-Spot Youth Drop-In Center. Kat wanted others like her to get their chance and she is now studying daily for her GED with plans to attain higher education. Kat continues to give what she never had growing up- the gift of being seen, affirmed, and loved for who she was.

This year, please consider making a donation for our Big Day of Giving campaign. You can donate NOW and we’re incredibly thrilled to announce that our friends at the Ford Motor Company Fund are matching all gifts up to $25,000!

$25 becomes $50
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Double your impact by making a gift and help us reach our goal of $120,000. Thank you to those who have already chipped in early. You are helping us change the lives of people like Kat, thereby changing the lives of countless others.

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