Remembering our love for humankind.

//Remembering our love for humankind.

Remembering our love for humankind.

Remembering our love for humankind.

The word philanthropy comes from the ancient Greek meaning “Love of humankind.” And it doesn’t just help the recipients, it offers immense satisfaction to givers as well. In fact, neuroscientists confirm that when you give a donation it activates the same part of your brain that your favorite foods or activities do.

This year has been and continues to be a struggle- for our local business community, for our most marginalized, and for nonprofits who are trying to maintain their services, shift their programs, and increase their work to meet the heightened demand of those they serve. The time to hunker down, wear a mask, shelter-in-place, and support your community is NOW. Without a devotion to philanthropy, our days will continue to be more dangerous, less happy, and darker.

It’s important to note that philanthropists are just as diverse as our beautiful LGBTQ+ community. We give to pursue different visions and support in ways that we are able. Together, we can create a plethora of solutions to problems rather than just one. Here are some ways to take care of your community during the holidays and as we close one of the most challenging years to date.

Support your nonprofits

This pandemic is an unexpected event with serious consequences. Even if we are optimistic about curbing the public-health threat over time, particularly given our underlying economic fragility, the pandemic stands to produce sudden suffering at unprecedented scale. Find a nonprofit that your passionate about at and consider donating today.

Support your local businesses

Local business is essential for our economy. They provide employment and create entrepreneurship opportunities and support the local economies, communities, and neighborhoods. They are what make our towns special and unique. Buy gift cards or credit for later. Share local restaurant delivery menus on your social media pages. Check to see which of your services/providers are now being provided online.

Find an LGBTQA business at

Commit to social justice and equity

It’s a fact. Marginalized groups suffer more during the COVID-19 crisis. LGBTQ+ people smoke at rates 50% higher than the general population, which could be detrimental if a respiratory illness like COVID-19 is contracted.  Higher rates of HIV and cancer in the LGBTQ+ community means that a greater number of people may have compromised immune systems, which leaves them more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections. Health care discrimination in America, including denial of care, unwelcoming attitudes and lack of understanding from staff and providers means LGBTQ+ people may be more reluctant to seek medical care. Support LGBTQ+ lives, especially Black and Trans lives at

The Center is always here for you. We have FREE COVID-19 tests (no appointment necessary) available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5pm-8pm. We also have online programs and operate limited, by appointment, in-person services as well. Check us out for more at and consider a donation to your local LGBTQ+ center today at

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