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The Center’s Youth Programs 2021

2021. What a year for our Youth Programs! We started this year fully virtual, providing youth an online space via discord to meet up, hang out, and do activities. Fast forward to December, we’ve now transitioned to hybrid physical/virtual programming ensuring that we can continue to engage both youth [...]


Sacramento LGBT Community Center’s most influential founder, Jerry Sloan, passes away Jerry Sloan, one of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center’s most Influential founders, passed away Monday, November 15. Most famously, Jerry is known for his successful 1984 lawsuit for breach of an oral contract against the late televangelist Reverend [...]

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A note from the CEO…

Dear Friend: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all our lives in unimaginable ways. Our work, schools, relationships, and our individual well-being have all suffered. I’m very proud that at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center we have not only persevered through these challenges, but thrived. We adapted services like offering [...]

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Join our LGBTQ+ Townhall: Sac PD Interactions with TGNC Community

In 2019, stakeholders came together to develop a standard for police interactions with transgender and gender nonconforming community members. We’re now looking for community input on the policy as we work with the City of Sacramento Community Police Review Commission and other community organizations to have this policy adopted [...]

Help us Grow Our Advocacy

Earlier this month community came together at Crocker Park in Downtown Sacramento to celebrate National Transgender Visibility March. It was a beautiful day with so many powerful speakers, performances, and organizations taking the stage to share what the day meant to them and their hopes for the future. We were honored [...]

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National Suicide Prevention Week 2021

This week (September 5-11) is National Suicide Prevention Week, which is nestled in the middle of National Suicide Prevention Month (September). During this time we remind the folx in our lives that we're there for them, to talk, to listen, to hold space for them. The following are skills [...]

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