Donations, Fundraising

/Donations, Fundraising

Donations, fundraising and volunteering — OH MY! Whether you are a Dorothy or a Wicked Witch, we want to get you looped into our community.

So how can you help?

Are you looking for ways to help the Sacramento LGBT Community Center? We have so many ways for you to make a difference. From one-time to donations to volunteer opportunities and even items you can donate.

Check out the blogs, articles and links to see how you can support the Center that fits into your time, passions and resources.

We appreciate you and can’t wait for your support in our year-long fundraising efforts.

LGBTQ Training Now a Police Requirement in CA

New LGBTQ Training for Police starts 2019 A new law signed, that Gov. Jerry Brown signed this week, requires police officers to undergo training on sexual orientation and gender identity in order to better deal with minority groups in the state of California. Assembly Bill 2504 requires the Commission [...]