Lizzo is Coming to SacPride!

//Lizzo is Coming to SacPride!

Lizzo is Coming to SacPride!

Sacramento Pride is proud to announce American rapper, singer, flautist, and songwriter Lizzo as the headlining entertainer for the SacPride Festival on June 9, 2019. The two-day festival is expected to see 18,000+ attendees both local and from nearby regions on this historic 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  

Lizzo’s musical style skirts multiple genres, from pop, R&B and neosoul to trap and rap with recognizable hits including “Good As Hell,” “Juice,” and “Coconut Oil.” 

The 30-year-old performer has been constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected and embraces in the entertainment industry including becoming the first black and plus-sized woman to be featured in Playboy magazine earlier this year.  

Her SacPride performance will occur on the main stage, closing out the second day of the region’s first two-day Pride festival on Capitol Mall and will top off a full slate of local and queer speakers, musicians and other entertainers that will be announced later this month. 


“We are overjoyed to find a performing artist for SacPride that exemplifies the values that the Sacramento LGBTQ+ community hold from self-love and unapologetic enthusiasm to strength and passion,” said Tyler Bertao, the new director of Sacramento Pride and events manager at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. “I have no doubt that Lizzo will cap off the amazing performer lineup we have, filled with local, diverse, queer talent. It’s unbelievable to think that five months ago my boyfriend suggested bringing Lizzo to Sacramento and now, here we are, getting ready to welcome her to SacPride 2019!” 

The Detroit-born musician has gained a huge fanbase in the queer community by embracing what it means to be different and unapologetically embracing those that are often marginalized by society-at-large. 

“I’ve always stood up for the underdog and the underrepresented because I can’t escape from that myself,” she told Teen Vogue. “I can’t wake up one day and not be black. I can’t wake up one day and not be a woman. I can’t wake up one day and not be fat. I always had those three things against me in this world, and because I fight for myself, I have to fight for everyone else.” 

Last month Lizzo also teamed up with another trailblazer in the music business, Missy Elliot, and released the single “Tempo” and released her third solo album “Cuz I Love You” on April 19.  

Between now and SacPrideLizzo is on a world tour, making regular appearances at LGBTQ+ events and festivals. 

“When it comes to sexuality or gender, I personally don’t ascribe to just one thing. I cannot sit here right now and tell you I’m just one thing,” she said. “That’s why the colors for LGBTQ+ are a rainbow! Because there’s a spectrum, and right now we try to keep it black and white. That’s just not working for me.” 

For more details on SacPride and to get your tickets, head over to our website here!

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