The Future is Non-binary

//The Future is Non-binary

The Future is Non-binary

As of January 1 this year, California started recognizing a third gender option on state identification cards and driver’s licenses. This is a major win for non-binary people that could pave the way for reforms across the country, especially since Oregon started earlier in 2017 with a similar third option on state ID cards.

The new law is part of a recent wave of changes in states throughout the US that have made it easier for transgender, gender-nonconforming and intersex people to have accurate documents that recognize their identities.

Having the correct gender on a state ID can help non-binary and trans people in their daily interactions and transactions where they may be misgendered or denied basic recognition any  place where people have to show ID.

California estimates that about 54,600 people will take advantage of the reforms and seek an ID gender change in the first year of the new law.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center’s own Transitional Housing Manager Pixie Pearl was interviewed by California Public Radio at the start of the year to discuss just how important this new advancement is and how it provides a level of visibility that so many transgender and nonbinary folks have been searching for.

Take a listen here:

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining a nonbinary form of identification or have questions about how changing your gender marker might impact your job, housing or other interactions, please reach out to us and we can connect you with the appropriate resources.

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