Recognizing LGBTQ+ CEOs in Sacramento!

//Recognizing LGBTQ+ CEOs in Sacramento!

Recognizing LGBTQ+ CEOs in Sacramento!

Too often, corporate boardrooms are largely filled with straight and cis-gendered folx. However, over the past years Sacramento has seen a rise in more LGBTQ+ executives challenging the status quo. It is inspiring to finally see representation from our business leaders who continue to advocate for inclusion and push the boundaries for equality in the workplace.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center’s mission has always been to create a safe region where people can thrive. We support the health and wellness of those who feel different and who want to create their own paths in society. It is never easy to take that first step into the real world. You might have just graduated from college and are finally able to move out on your own. It is the first day of your dream internship at this company you have admired for a long time. But as soon as you enter that revolving door, you sense something is wrong. Everyone is giving you weird looks because of who you are. You have never been in a building with such judgmental eyes and you immediately regret ever accepting the position.

Doubt can easily ruin your mood, especially after working so hard to get to where you are today. But you should never loose hope on what your future could look like. People within the LGBTQ+ community should not have to worry about facing discrimination within the workplace. These LGBTQ+ CEOs working in Sacramento just bring more hope that you can live a better tomorrow while making a difference for the community.

Garry Maisel of Western Health Advantage became the organization’s first employee in 1996. Now, he and his team continue to provide health benefits to various employers and individuals all over the Northern California region.

Tina Reynolds of Uptown Studios continues to create a positive and respectful workplace for her employees as they focus on creating graphic and web design as well as branding and video production. This marketing company works with many clients who fight for social justice within the community.

Arlen Orchard of SMUD has spent the majority of his life turning a locally owned electric company into one of Sacramento’s most sustainable energy resources. With their green initiatives, they are improving the environment and equity of our region.

Beth Hassett of Weave has been a longtime supporter of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center while giving back to those in need. Her nonprofit supports domestic violence and sexual assault victims and provides resources to get them back on their feet.

These CEOs continue to be positive role models within the Sacramento LGBTQ+ community. Their passion to make a difference is what should make your tomorrow a little bit brighter. Stepping through those revolving doors with a little more confidence is something to be very proud of.

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